Empowering Success: Looking Back at Enerquin’s Role in Cascades’ Bear Island Project

Looking back at the Bear Pack project, Cascades’ start-up of a grade conversion rebuild at Bear Island in Ashland, Virginia. In May 2023, Cascades produced its first roll of containerboard at the Bear Island mill. The new machine manufactures high-quality, lightweight, 100% recycled linerboard and medium (fluting paper) for the North American market. This project was the second largest in Cascades’ history, and Enerquin is grateful and proud to have been a trusted partner throughout this endeavor.

Enerquin was mandated to deliver a high dew point hood, process air, and heat recovery systems. Designed to offer improved corrosion resistance while enabling operation at a very high humidity level, air currents in the drying environment are minimized, and higher heat levels are attained for more efficient heat recovery, resulting in significant energy savings. Machine maintenance is hassle-free with the internal monorail system and removable false ceiling and roof panels, which provide complete equipment handling versatility. The HDP Hood can be installed in less time than comparable hoods on the market, making it a clear choice for critical machine rebuild shutdowns like the Cascades’ Bear Island project.

The deliverables also included Bear Island’s building ventilation system. The system incorporates heat recovery equipment designed to convert waste energy from the paper manufacturing process into clean, dry, heated building supply air. This will have a positive impact on the mill’s profitability and sustainability.

Reflecting on this journey, we take pride in our significant role in propelling Cascades toward their goals. We would also like to express our gratitude to all our employees for their dedicated work on this project, particularly our installation team whose efforts and expertise did not go unnoticed onsite.

Enerquin HDP Hood
Enerquin installation team
Enerquin process air systems

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