DryRunnability Solutions

In the dryer section, runnability and drying are two major goals that may seem in opposition when papermakers are looking for higher speed and quality. Guided by its insightful experience of the air dynamics in the paper drying vicinity, Enerquin is combining sheet stabilizing and booster drying technologies to create efficient and cost-effective DryRunnability Solutions.

Runnability Products

Enerquin’s versatile and adaptable product line provides results for older machines upgrade and for the newest dryer section configurations

  • Single-felted
  • Single-felted with vacuum rolls
  • Double-Felted
  • Double-Felted with off-set felt rolls
  • Non-Felted
  • 3-Tier & stack dryers

Web Stabilizers


Enerquin meets the runnability challenges head-on with its unique tandem Vacuum Box / Blow-Box technologies. We offer the widest array of solutions for greater efficiency, higher machine speeds and improved paper quality.

Pocket ventilator


Pocket ventilation systems improve machine drying rates and maintain a uniform CD sheet moisture profile.

Are your Paper Machine Hood & Process Air System performing?

On-site measurements are carried out during normal operating conditions, without interruptions to production.

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