Paper Machine Hood

Engineering concepts developed over four decades ensure we deliver the highest quality paper machine hoods. Enerquin’s premium hoods significantly improve thermal efficiencies and increase the entire drying process’s performance. Our hoods are designed to reduce installation costs and simplify maintenance around the dryer section.

Improved Thermal Efficiencies and Maximum Energy Savings

Engineered for maximum paper runnability and uniform drying environment, our sturdy paper machine hoods ensure a cost-efficient operation. Applying the latest engineering concepts, the Enerquin “High DewPoint Hood” is a proven product capable of continuous operation at absolute humidities above 0.17 kg H2O /kg D.A. All our different hood configurations (open, closed, and high humidity) are built to operate without spilling or condensation. A uniform drying environment is attained with a proper supply to exhaust mass balance. The supply air is distributed efficiently through our DryRunnability components, while the exhausted air is controlled in both the machine and cross-machine directions.

Paper Machine Hood Functionality

  • Create a controlled environment for the paper drying process
  • Improve energy efficiency in the drying process
  • Improve machine runnability
  • Maintain good working condition in the paper machine room

HDP 200 Hybrid Hood

Designed to provide improved corrosion resistance while allowing operation at a very high humidity level, air currents in the drying environment are reduced, and higher heat heads are achieved for more efficient heat recovery resulting in substantial energy savings (~15%). Machine maintenance is stress-free with the moving internal monorail system and removable roof panels, which provide complete equipment handling versatility. The HDP 200 Hybrid Hood can be installed in less time than comparable hoods on the market, making it an obvious choice for critical machine rebuild shutdowns.



  • Sturdy construction
  • Controlled airflow for maximum drying uniformity
  • Operation at high humidity level without spilling and condensation
  • Durability and longer life
  • A safe operating environment
  • Easy access when maintenance is required

Paper Machine Hood

Setting New Industry Standards

Hood Energy Management

Enerquin’s Hood Energy Management System helps maintain the lowest kW/Ton of paper ratio and a uniform drying environment for better quality and production output. The system maximizes the hood’s humidity level and monitors the hood’s zero pressure level to achieve these goals.



The zero pressure level in the hood is maintained by a proper supply/exhaust mass balance and is greatly influenced by the tightness of both the basement enclosure and the closed hood; the measured zero pressure level is compared to the setpoint via the D.C.S., if required, the hood supply capacity is adjusted to maintain the zero pressure level set point.



Maximizing the humidity level results in substantial energy savings and better machine runnability due to better control of the drying environment; the measured absolute humidity value is transmitted to the paper machine D.C.S. from which exhaust fan capacities are controlled.

Basement Enclosure

Our experts designed the basement enclosure to work in conjunction with the enclosed hood to minimize colder air infiltration, thus increasing the dryer section’s efficiency and ensuring proper closed hood operation.

Basement enclosure
  • Construction: Framework construction similar to hood with corrugated aluminum sheets
  • Accessibility: Large broke doors and man access doors provide maximum access under the dryer section

Is your paper machine losing heat or not performing adequately?

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