Building Ventilation

High profile paper mills worldwide have trusted Enerquin to provide them with the highest quality building ventilation systems. Our strength is our ability to offer custom solutions for the pulp and paper industry’s specific needs for both rebuild projects and greenfield mills.

Our proven expertise in supplying efficient systems that meet industry standards comes from years of research and engineering. Our professionals have been called upon to improve the working environment, ensure efficient operations and lower operating costs.

High paper machine stock temperatures and production rates increase water vapour and mist in the machine room. An adequate building ventilation system is an essential part of a mill’s strategy for its assets’ long-term reliability. Our solutions provide a positive impact on mills profitability and sustainability.


  • Protect building and machinery against corrosion and general deterioration
  • Comfortable and safe working conditions for paper-making personnel
  • A controlled environment throughout the entire machine room
  • Best usage of available energy source (steam, gas, water/glycol or thermal fluid)
  • Free or low-cost heating when combined with heat recovery units

These results are achieved by controlling humidity generated at the wet end combined with proper building air balance and air distribution.

Paper and Board Process

Each paper and board machine room is unique. Our experienced engineers adapt to all different scenarios and provide solutions that consider a multitude of variables.

Tissue Process

Tissue machines have similar equipment configurations, but they present other challenges. Tissue mills have problems associated with dust and moisture in the machine room. Often overlooked and highly dangerous, combustible dust is a major cause of fire. Our team has developed specific solutions to address these complex issues.

Building Vent

Machine Room Ventilation Survey

A comprehensive machine room survey is a powerful tool for evaluating existing building ventilation systems. After thorough testing and inspecting of all air systems, our experts will provide recommendations for improving room air conditions based on a detailed maintenance plan and a phased upgrade plan that meets the client’s budget.

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