Yankee Hood Process Air Systems

Enerquin’s Yankee Hood air systems are designed to meet specific production requirements. Each system is based on the equilibrium between impingement air velocity and impingement air temperature. This balance ensures optimal gas and electrical efficiency, which drives down your costs. Our systems are guaranteed to maintain hood air balance under nearly all operating conditions, and the fan motor and the burner energy consumption are always optimized. Ambient conditions around the Yankee Hood and the related process air systems are always maintained.

Process Air Systems Main Purposes

Process Air Systems Main Purposes

Enerquin engineers and manufactures all air systems for the tissue machine. Our products are designed for reducing energy costs and optimizing the production process and quality.


The “Mono” air circulation system features a compact design and reduces initial capital cost. There is one circulation fan with one burner and a gas train system feeding both hood halves.


  • Air systems take less space
  • Initial cost is lower
  • Less maintenance


The “parallel” air circulation system is designed to provide maximum drying capacity while keeping each hood air circulation system independent for easy balancing and flexibility in operation.


  • Independence of the wet end and dry end hood to ease operation
  • Possibility to run with one (1) fan/burner in a cross-over operation


In addition to the “Duo” system’s benefits, the “Cascading” air circulation system provides maximum drying capacity with reduced energy consumption. A portion of the hot recirculated air from the dry end hood is used as make-up air for the wet end hood.



  • Better thermal efficiency
  • Evacuation from the wet end hood
  • High humidity operation
  • A higher concentration of energy in the exhaust


Each hood half can retract independently or in unison. The hood retraction system is designed to provide adequate nominal clearance between the Yankee shell and Yankee hood impingement surface while maintaining the hood above the dryer surface at optimized impingement distance during regular operation.


Each burner and gas train is designed for easy ignition and safe operation while adjusting for various temperature set points and fluctuating back pressures in the combustion chamber. The burner and gas train are sized for heating the air to the desired temperature. All components are leak tested and pre-assembled in the factory as much as possible. Burners can be designed for gas, oil or both. Necessary controls are provided for safe and efficient operation.


Each shell heater is designed for optimum combustion and evenly transfers the heat generated by the burned fuel to the Yankee hood supply air. Steam heating coils can also be used for low supply temperature applications.


Dampers are designed for high-temperature operation. All operators are pre-installed and tested in the factory.

Are your Process Air Systems optimized?

Yankee air systems are energy-intensive and should routinely be checked to ensure they run at an optimal level. Contact our technical service department for a survey.

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