We have always taken the time to get to know our clients and have dedicated ourselves to bringing them efficient, comprehensive and imaginative solutions. For our clients’ the one factor that remains constant is our continued commitment to meet their needs through hands-on involvement and specifically tailored products and services.

Engineering to Installation

Our expert team will support you in developing custom engineering solutions for paper machine runnability, energy efficiency and building ventilation.

Engineering to installation
Quality manufacturing

Quality Manufacturing

Our North American manufacturing facility maintains the highest standards of production and quality.

Technical Support

Enerquin offers a full range of air systems audits for paper, board and tissue makers. Our experts perform onsite measurements during normal operating conditions without any interruption to production. These studies will help optimize your process, solve quality or runnability problems, increase production efficiency, and improve environmental compliance. The surveys can be followed by performance improvement projects with a scope of work customized for the type of production.

Complete and Comprehensive Survey Report:

  • Summary of recommendations with budget prices
  • List of priorities
  • Dryer performance and hood balance
  • Process and building air systems performance
  • Inspection observations
  • Flow diagrams and charts
  • Calculation sheets

The report will list a series of short-term, mid-term and long-term recommendations crucial for optimizing the hood process air systems and improving the drying performance (KPIs).

Technical support

Optimization surveys and process solutions

Paper Machine Hood & Air Systems Survey

Each paper machine hood and air systems are unique, requiring a specific approach and understanding of the numerous parameters affecting the production, such as runnability, drying capacity, condensation inside the hood, and the machine room.

Yankee Air System Survey

Yankee air systems are highly energy-intensive and should routinely be checked to ensure they run at an optimal level. A proper hood balance ensures maximum thermal efficiency. Yankee surveys result in significant savings in burner fuel and fan horsepower consumption (8% on average).

Machine Room Ventilation Survey

Our machine room survey covers testing and inspection of all air systems, including a detailed maintenance plan with recommendations on improving room air conditions. Poorly ventilated paper machine rooms have an adverse effect on the working environment. Machine room ventilation is improved by providing effective:

  • Wet end former process exhaust and air change rate requirements
  • Room air balance and distribution

Heat Recovery Survey

Minimize your energy consumption by optimizing heat recovery units from your hood and process air systems and identify new opportunities for more heat recovery capacity.



Designed for mill personnel who would like more in-depth knowledge of the various process air systems and understand their modes of operation. Training sessions can be implemented online or onsite.

Is your Yankee hood optimized or is it a gas guzzler?

Profesional on-site service

Professional on-site services

Our technical service department offers optimization surveys & productivity solutions

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