Tissue Drying Technology

Our Yankee Hood and Process Air Systems technological advances ensure the best paper quality at maximum drying capacity and optimum energy efficiency.

We Engineer our Products for Results

  • Yankee Machine Hood
  • Process Air Systems
  • Wet End Exhaust Systems
Yankee Machine Hood

Yankee Machine Hood

A series of rugged custom-engineered Yankee Hoods manifactured for a wide range of applications using steam, gas, or oil.

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Process Air Systems

The Process Air System is the driving force of the Yankee hood. It delivers the required hot air at a uniform cross direction temperature and impingement velocity to ensure even cross-machine drying for optimum paper quality. Each component is designed for performance and reliability.


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Process Air Systems
Wet End & Press Section Exhaust Systems

Wet End Exhaust Systems

A total all-encompassing solution which eliminates the mist and high humidity levels at the wet end of the machine.

Is your Yankee Hood optimized or is it a gas guzzler?

Profesional on-site service

Professional on-site services

Our technical service department offers optimization surveys & productivity solutions

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