Enerquin will be presenting at TAPPICon22

The technical presentation theme will be “Revisiting Pocket Ventilation Technology in 2022″. Controlling pocket humidity levels in the dryer section is essential for high productivity paper and board machines. We will discuss several advancements in pocket ventilation technology:

  • Nozzle design to maximize hot air penetrating through the fabric
  • Axial flow control to balance the pocket, preventing axial flows and reducing flutter
  • Design considerations for offset felt rolls
  • Automated cleaning of pocket ventilator nozzle slots

The presentation will also include case studies focusing on rebuild projects and their overall return on investment. 

Speaker: Lawrence Yane, Enerquin Sales Manager

Track: Papermaking

Session: PM5A Dryers

Day: Tuesday, May 3rd 

Time: 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

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