Major Building Ventilation Project – Australia 2021

A global leader in packaging and resource recovery has selected Enerquin to supply a building ventilation system for its mill in Australia. Engineering and design have already begun, with delivery slated for February 2021.

The new equipment will help balance the machine room air, significantly reducing condensation resulting from cold, outdoor air infiltration. The system will provide a production environment that is safe and comfortable for operating personnel and ensure the long-term viability of the building and assets.

Waste heat from the wet end turbo blower and excess hot water that is presently sent to cooling towers were identified as important heat sources during a building ventilation survey conducted by Enerquin and Dougmac Pty Ltd, Enerquin’s Australasian partners. The new system will include heat exchangers to recover this waste heat and transfer it to the new building supply air, effectively providing free heating. These heat recovery systems will significantly reduce the plant’s overall live steam requirement, operating costs and carbon footprint.

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