Excerpt from an article written in 1992 by Remi Turcotte

Did you know that Enerquin was founded in 1981 by five work colleagues who had more than 15 years of experience in the production of paper machine hoods and process air systems?

Over forty years ago, three young gentlemen had a dream to form their own company. Sitting in a brasserie together, they were inspired to write a declaration on the back of a paper menu declaring that they would all leave their current jobs and start a new venture. Shortly after signing this affirmation, they decided to bring on board two more eager candidates who were sold on the idea of forming what would one day be called Enerquin Air Inc. 

Determined to revolutionize the way they did business, the founders set new standards for innovative technology and service to the pulp and paper industry, resulting in remarkable growth and expansion into world markets. Enerquin was soon responsible for major advances in air systems engineering and has since played a leading role in developing new products such as pocket ventilator Mark III for high-speed paper machines, sheet stabilizers and heat-recovery.

Today, Enerquin is a multi-national company. Our Head Office remains situated in a historic building in the Southwest borough of Montreal, our manufacturing plant in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, our U.S. office in Mobile, Alabama and our vast global network of agents spanning from Mexico to Australia to Japan has diversified our reach. Despite rapid growth, we have always taken the time to get to know our clients and have remained dedicated to bringing them efficient, comprehensive and imaginative solutions. Throughout our company’s history, from the signing of a proclamation on the back of a menu to becoming an industry leader in innovative paper drying solutions, one factor remains constant – our continued commitment to meet our client’s needs through hands-on involvement and uniquely tailored products and services.

Enerquin’s current ownership and it’s employees would like to thank the Founders for setting the standards and culture that continue to guide us today.

Founders (from left to right): William (Bill) Boyd, Peter Hartley, Richard Scullion,  David Young, Rémi Turcotte

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